Grailed: The Men's Resell Shop for Dope Stuff


Several months ago I was researching alternative marketplaces to reselling clothes that were just sitting in my closet or that I no longer personally identified with. eBay was always my go-to place for the longest. I built a wealth of positive feedback by selling my clothes and miscellaneous items. My revenue from eBay kept me afloat when my Bank of America account was in the negative during my college days.. 

When I moved to New York City and landed a job I no longer needed to depend on eBay. Every blue moon I would buy a new pair of Jordan's and resell them when I decided I probably bought them out of impulse. As I started to accumulate more stuff I decided it was time to start selling again. Rather than donate I could attempt to pay of my college loans or save for a trip. While eBay is great, it can be tedious and time consuming to list an item.  Aside from that they also make sure they get their 9 or 10% fee from whatever you sell.

Grailed is different and much simpler in the sense that I could take a picture and post my item within 5 minutes.  I add a quick description of the item, upload some detailed pictures and the item is online ready to sell. To date I have sold 41 items but I have bought 0 items from the site. Solely because I trust myself but not others to be open and honest about selling. Hypebeast and/or internet trolls sell fakes, or take your money and never send your item. I've always been spectacle of buying from other people unless there was quantifiable and authentic feedback that I could measure.

While Grailed is a great website there are some options I would like to see in the future to protect sellers and also validate the authenticity of sellers.

Feedback: I would like to see feedback separated by what a user bought and what a user sold. It allows for better transparency into whether a user is a trusted seller or an active buyer.

Shipping: Most transactions do not include the buyers name with the address. You often have to ask who the item is being mailed to.

Trusted Sellers Badge: After selling and delivering a certain amount of items you should be verified.

Bonded Offers: One of the main additions I would like to see is bonded offers. Once a buyer accepts the price they must purchase the item. 9 times of 10 buyers are not serious when they send through offers or they low ball the seller.

Overall, Grailed is a great site that is continuing to grow. It definitely has potential to be a great resource for guys looking for rare find and vintage designer items. Prices vary and sometimes you can find great deals or you run across items that are overvalued. I looked forward to continuing business on the website.

WEBSITE: Grailed

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