Fhitting Room x Nike Training | Metcon DSX

Fhitting Room x Nike Training

Fhitting Room x Nike Training

I finally had the chance to attend class at Fhitting Room in Flatiron. I've heard great things about this place and have a slew of friends that have taken classes. When I arrived I was able to tryout the new Nike Metcon DSX. Flexible, lightweight and stable enough to provide the toughness I needed for a high intensity training class. Daury and Carlos started the class off with some dynamic stretching and quick warm-up drills. Within the first 5 minutes I was already sweating. Throughout the class we did some circuit drill work, which included skiers, box jumps, rowers, blurpees and more.  By Round 2 I was exhausted and trying to keep my energy up after a long day. 55 minutes later, I had completed my first Fhitting Room session. 

Fhitting Room provided me with a dynamic and heart bumping workout that I can't get from weightlifting. The coaches were very knowledge and encouraging the entire time. Not to mention the hip hop playlist kept me going and gave me the push I needed during every circuit. Fhitting Room is the perfect challenge for those who want to switch up their boring gym routine. Guys can benefit tremendously from taking group HIIT classes. The programming helps to build stamina and flexibility over the course of a few sessions. 

I highly recommend the Nike Metcon DSX for ANY high intensity training workouts. They provide enough stability to jump and cut with precision, but enough flexibility to keep my foot comfortable and locked down while performing. The DSX remained sturdy under pressure,  but allowed me better flexibility than the Metcon 2 for high intensity training. The Metcon DSX is the perfect shoe for fitness enthusiasts who want to run and training all in the same session.

The Nike Metcon DSX is available here.

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