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The Beach House at sunset | Devonta White

Picture perfect is the simplest way I can describe the moment I arrived at The Beach House Roatan. We pulled up to a bright yellow building at the edge of the water. The Beach House evoked this feeling of europium at first glance. At that moment, I felt like my vacation had officially started. It's vivid color boldly stands out along the many scuba dive shops and souvenir stores along the strip. It's the first structure that welcomes you to West End, Roatan (an island 50 KM off the coast of Honduras) after a short ride from the airport.

I did not prepare much for this trip to Honduras. Fortunately, at the last minute we were able to book the The Beach House Hotel. On arrival, we were greeted by the owner, Kate, and shown around the property. When we arrived the weather was picture perfect in Roatan. To my delight, we were steps from the beach and our room was next to the restaurant.

I'm must say I was impressed with our large room. A big huge PLUSH bed that swallowed your entire body on contact. A kitchen, that I didn't use, but had the option to if I purchased food at the local grocery. French doors opened to a view of Half Moon Bay where you could swim, snorkel, dive or jet ski. The natural light bursting into the room gave way to the feeling of tranquility. We unpacked our bags -- camera first, of course, to take pictures and then made a b-line to the first sighting of food.

The Landing Bar & Grill is a restaurant located inside The Beach House, which is also open to non-guest. It boasts a curated list of delicious tropical cuisines and refreshing island inspired beverages. The kitchen is located on the 2nd floor with a balcony overlooking the water. The first day at the hotel, I tried the Buffalo Shrimp with bleu cheese dressing. As I write this I thought about how amazing the food tasted. Our server recommended we try the Tuna Burger, which I did, and it shattered all expectations of what tuna and a burger should taste like. I might be inclined to say it was the best burger I had, period.


Tuna Burger

Jumbo Buffalo Shrimp

Shrimp Tacos

I was completely submerged in the idea of relaxation after my visit to The Beach House. If you are planning a visit to Roatan and need a place to stay, look no further, The Beach House is your best option. The West End provides you with immediate access to beaches, scuba diving shops, food and local culture. You'll be surprised to learn that you might consider moving to Honduras after a week on this magical island.

Thank you for an amazing stay, Kate!

Locals Walking Along The Beach Behind The Beach House | Devonta White