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Courtesy of Jordan Brand

What does it take to win? The answer is complex, but the idea of "hard work" is universal. Michael Jordan took his training a step further by committing himself to one-on-one workouts with his trainer, and focusing on strength training.

The “Breakfast Club” was the foundation for Michael’s epic six title, six Finals MVP run. The sessions proved to Jordan that the status quo was not enough; if he wanted to be a champion there were extra steps involved.

“Breakfast Club was a mindset more than a workout,” clarifies Jordan. “We wanted to be more prepared than anyone else.”

Today, the Jordan Brand revives Michael's infamous training regimen with the 30-day Jordan Training Breakfast Club program. The program allows athletes from all sports backgrounds to get stronger, move faster and improve their ability from the comfort of home.

I participated in this program back in September and I saw improvement in my agility and speed. During the Spring and Fall I play flag football, so it's always important for me to strength train throughout the year. The program incorporated workouts that I did not normally apply to my routine. This allowed for a more robust and full range workout. Having the workouts sent to my Facebook Messenger the night before allowed me time to acclimate myself with the exercises. Fitness in the age of technology has created opportunities for people to stay healthy 24/7.  I am excited to see the next iteration of the breakfast club programming. Hopefully that includes an app! (crosses fingers)

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