Project By Equinox | The Next Level

Interior | Devonta White

With the current landscape of the fitness industry steering more towards personalized experiences. It's important for gyms to adapt as people's personal preferences evolve. Luxury gym, Equinox, moves towards the next phase of their expansion with Project By Equinox. A luxury boutique style gym format with innovative class offerings.

I had the opportunity to experience Project by Equinox on Friday when my favorite Nike trainer, Traci Copeland invited me to her Dance Cardio class. It was my first time hearing about the sleek new space on Mulberry Street. My first impression of the space was, "Oh This is Fancy!". Project by Equinox embodies luxury and innovation with its attention to detailed. Every piece of furniture was handed picked for the space. You can tell that a lot of efforts and thought was put into design.

Before class, I snapped a few selfies and took a few quick pictures with my new FujiFilm X-T2 camera. Traci let me know that I would probably be the only guy in class today. I was cool with that. Plus the ladies in the class were super cool and fun. Traci started the class with some cardio-based warmups, followed by the first 16 counts of the dance routine. We did some choreography to Kevin Lyttle "Turn Me On" featuring Spragga Benz. The routine was full of African inspired moves. I'm not that flexible so I always look stiff when I take dance classes. I'm working on it. Traci's class was a fun and fit way to bring in the weekend. I look forward to taking a few more classes here.

Everyone should come check out the space and take a class.



  1. There are no showers.
  2. Must be 18 years of age.
  3. You don't have to be an Equinox member to attend.
  4. TAKE Traci and/ or Lauren's classes. Both Badass.
  5. Have fun!