Everyday I'm Hustlin and Doing Yoga | Y7 Studio #WeFlowHard

I never expected to be in downward-facing dog listening to Rick Ross's "Hustlin" while sweating my ass off, but at Y7 Studios I did just that. Everytime I've done yoga (a whopping 4 times) I've found it to be extremely hard. Probably because I have the flexibility of a stale Cheeto that's been sitting under the refrigerator for 2 years. Yoga requires a tremendous amount of strength and confidence, especially if you're new to it. Practitioners of yoga young and old can reap the benefits for a lifetime. Athletes across various sports have found incorporating yoga into their conditioning enhances performance.

The Soho location is a very efficient use of limited space: stairs, front desk, waiting area (with merchandise), and the studio. That's It! I walked into Y7 Studio in Soho thinking that I may need an extra set of clothes from all the sweat that would escape my body during the 45 minute session.  

The majority of the studio was filled with young woman. I on the other hand, was 1 of 3 guys in the class. My after work activities include playing flag football, going to the gym and RARELY doing yoga. When I think of hot yoga, I think of very skinny people in weird poses, glistening like roasted pigs. Before class I was debating in my head, should I keep my running tights on or should I change into gym shorts. I really had no clue what to wear to. Ultimately I decided to keep my running tights on and deal with the consequences later.

I entered the candle lit studio with my yoga mat and claimed a spot in the middle. Rihanna's "Needed Me" was playing in the background. Our Yogi instructor, Casey, came in and started to prep the class. I was excited because my flexibility is really shit and I need to be more proactive about lengthen my body. Casey was very aware of the body and it's spiritual balance. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. When we started to get into our sequence, that's where it got rocky. I was trying to maintain the pace, but I think I was so relaxed I couldn't keep up with every movement she called. Eventually I just started to "Go With The Flow" and follow everyone else.

After each of the 2 sequences, Casey gave us sometime to flow on our own. During the first flow I caught myself in Warrior II Pose bopping my head to Beyonce's "Upgrade U" (Don't Judge!). Centering my focus I tried to do as much as I remembered. Towards the end of class, we worked on breathing and mediation.

I really enjoyed the experience at Y7 Studio. The hip hop soundtrack provided me with a familiar element, in an unfamiliar space, yoga. Though my Warrior II Pose may not have been the best, I accept the challenge to improve myself and my flexibility. Between work, sports and condition I could seriously use some yoga in my life.


Thanks to NikeNYC for the opportunity to experience different classes around the city. To learn more, check out: Nike.com/NYC

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