Keeping Cool on an Off-Roading Adventure in Honduras | Arctic Cool Gear

Last month, I booked a trip to Roatán, Honduras with no previous knowledge of the island.

Honduras was not on my radar, but a flight deal to the area was too good to pass up. After booking my flight, I did some research and found out Roatán was a great place to scuba dive. The 32.05 mi² island boast the 2nd large coral reef behind The Great Barrier Reef of Australia. More about scuba diving in Roatán in a later post.

When I am on vacation I usually want to do all the coolest stuff in that country. ATVs were for sure on my list. Let's Buggy Roatan had great TripAdvisor reviews so I booked instantly. They picked us up from the hotel and drove us to the center of the island. We hopped out, picked our rides, I picked the blue buggy to match my Arctic Cool shirt, and we went off into the backroads of Roatán. Never in my life have I been covered in so much dirt and I would do it all over again. It was SO MUCH FUN!

Terry, our guide, lead us to a muddy track, in the middle of nowhere, where he let us have loose. Afterward, we drove to this secluded beach, jumped in the water with all our clothes on. That was probably the highlight of the excursion. The beach was serene and the water was crystal clear! If you look down you could see the fish swimming by you.

I packed my Arctic Cool Crewneck T-Shirt for this trip because I knew I was going to be doing some adventurous excursions. In 80+ degree weather, it was important for me to keep cool while moving around.

My first time wearing my new Arctic Cool performance shirt was during the dune buggy excursion. My initial reaction to the shirt was that it felt cool and the material fit my frame nicely. I went with a medium they run pretty true to size. The quality of the shirt has a nice hand feel to it. As we went from trails, sand, and to the mud pit I always felt comfortable.

For 2 hours, the shirt kept me cool while under the blazing hot sun. I was comfortable the entire time minus the dirt and sand clinging to my hairy legs and arms.


5 out of 5

I personally would like to thank Let's Buggy Roatan for the awesome ride through Roatan. The staff was beyond helpful the entire time. Thinking about going to Roatan, Honduras?

Book a Dune Buggy adventure with Let's Buggy.

Arctic Cool thank you for the awesome shirt. It's a great additional to my fitness wardrobe. Fellas (and ladies) be sure to check out their activewear. For those doing high-intensity workouts and trying to stay cool indoor/ outdoors. Check out Arctic Cool's shirt collection.

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