3 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

Hiking Between Villages in Cinque Terre, Italy | Jackson Jackson

Spring has started and everybody is out running and working out trying to burn those calories they added to their waistline during the winter. Your vacation days have finally started over and you're ready for your next trip. Listen... I know work has been rough and you want to enjoy this well-earned downtime, but we still have #summergoals to accomplish. Before you throw your sandals on and head to the beach, follow these tips to keep your body tight while relaxing.

Vacation time offers us ample free time to workout and still get to the Eiffel Tower (I miss Paris) before Sunset. Try incorporating these few tips into your travel and try not to binge on sugary cocktails all week!


Running with the Nike Run Club Milan - July 2016 | Milan, Italy

What I love about running is that you can do it no matter where you are. In every country or city I've gone to I try to get at least one scenic run in. It allows me to see the city from a different perspective. Running in the morning before the locals get up is the best. The city is still quiet and settling before the hustle & bustle of the day. I remember being alone in Paris and running around the Eiffel Tour at 11:30PM. These are memories I can never forget.

Runners make sure you always stay aware of your surrounds and even scope out your route before you run.

I use the Nike+ Running app to track my miles for my runs. It keeps great records too! 

Find A Local Gym

Local Gym in Florence, Italy I Found on Google Maps

Do some research before you head out of town. Find a local gym that allows tourist to use their facility for a day or two. Depending on the country, you might be able to access the gym for free or pay a small fee. When I was in Florence, Italy I found a gym not too far from my Airbnb. I was able to get a much-needed workout, after spending a week eating nothing but pasta and drink wine. Be sure to email the gym before your visit. You might get lucky and get free passes.

Adventure Tours

2 hour hike to the next village in Cinque Terre, Italy | Jackson Jackson

How many museums can you visit before you get restless? Maybe 2 or 3 and then your brain goes into culture & history overload. When you travel, do something you have never down before. Go hiking with a tour group or trying snorkeling. You'll be surprised what fears you'll overcome in the pursuit of happiness. Adventure tours can also be a great way to burn calories while exploring. Before you know it, you will have hiked 5 miles and still have energy. Leave your club outfit at home and pack some durable walking/ hiking/ running sneakers. Clubbing is pretty much the same in EVERY country.

In the past year, I have skydiving, repelled down a waterfall and went scuba diving. I'm not sure where the hell this person came from, but I'm loving every bit of this new exploration.

Traveling is one of my favorite pastimes. I get a renewed sense of purpose and a new outlook on life with every new experience. In corporating fitness into your travel routine can keep you in tip top shape. Imagine coming home from vacation with lots of energy, a tan and muscles. Treat your body good all the time even when you take a break.

How do you stay active on vacation?